Security: Released npm package 📦 for Protecting CSV Injection 🚀

We can not ignore Security on the Web. Security Vulnerability can impact your application and users which might eventually destroy your company!

As Web/Software Engineers, we should care about Security as much we care about our code.

There are different kinds of injection attacks available.

I was working with CSVs and then thought to use any available CSV injection protector package from npmjs. But I was surprised that I could not find what I needed.

So I thought to develop and release a package(CSV injection protector) for me and all of us.

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100% test coverage is not enough

100% test coverage is not enough…

Even if your unit tests cover everything and pass at build time, your app can still be completely broken in production. 🧐🤔

In web application development, testing is crucial. 
You can’t build a high-quality app without proper testing.

So today we will talk about TESTING. Hello, Mic, Testing 1,2,3,4 … 🎤

We test in one of two ways:

  • Manual
  • Automated
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The Destro Dev Show
Podcast, The Destro Dev Show

Launching – Tech Podcast 🎤 🎧 📹 for the World! Made with ❤️ in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 (with promo video)

Hello world and Hello Everyone 👋

Wow, I am super excited to announce this 😱

Winter is coming with Darkness and sadness 😰

And in this Winter, I am planning to start a Podcast 🎤 to make the Winter a bit better ❤️

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