How to Copy or move a list between sites in different site collections SharePoint 2010

Step 1: Create a list template
– Navigate to the site containing the list for which you want to create a list template.
– In the ribbon, click the List tab, and then in the Settings section, click List Settings.
– In the Permissions and Management column, click Save list as template.
Step 2: Download the list template as a file (.stp) from the list gallery of the source site
– Navigate to the top level site of the site collection for the source site that contains the list you want to copy or move.
– On the Site Actions menu Site Actions Menu, click Site Settings.
– In the Galleries section, click List templates.
– Download the desired List Template .
Step 3: Upload the list template file (.stp) to the list template gallery of the destination site
– Go to List Template Gallery from Site Settings .
– Upload the desired .stp file .

Done , your List template is now available in different Site Collection . So you can now create the List using this List Template.


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