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Cypress e2e testing : My talk at Node.JS Meetup Berlin in Germany 💥

As a speaker, I attended Node.JS Meetup Berlin event in Germany.

This is the largest NodeJS community group in Germany. It was awesome to be there as a Speaker.

Being a Polyglot Engineer, I really like the JavaScript ecosystem including NodeJS and it’s surroundings.

JavaScript ecosystem changes rapidly and it’s really fun and hard at the same time to learn/know most of the things.

To do the end-to-end test for Modern Web 2.0 applications is really hard. And Cypress really has changed everything how we think for e2e testing. is becoming popular day by day. And it’s growth rate is tremendous!

I thought – I would talk about Cypress at NodeJS meetup and the audience really liked it. I am sharing my slides here but I showed LIVE demo which was the most fun part. 🔥

Alt Text
Alt Text

Hope, you guys like it!


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