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Launching – Tech Podcast 🎤 🎧 📹 for the World! Made with ❤️ in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 (with promo video)

Hello world and Hello Everyone 👋

Wow, I am super excited to announce this 😱

Winter is coming with Darkness and sadness 😰

And in this Winter, I am planning to start a Podcast 🎤 to make the Winter a bit better ❤️

On each show, there will be one or more expert developers in any specific platform and we will do live-coding and/or discussions based on that particular technology/library/framework.

We will go LIVE on Youtube so that every one of you can interact in realtime and ask questions on the go.

I already have a few guests in the queue for the Podcast from different countries.

I have been working as a professional Software Engineer for the last 9 years and I know from my experience where most developers struggle most. So We will try to touch those bottlenecks which would really help developers.

It will be a super awesome show. 👏

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