C# and TypeScript
C#, TypeScript

TypeScript and C# both were created by the same person named Anders Hejlsberg 👏 💪 🔥(with video)

I went to one TypeScript meetup recently and talked to a few developers there.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that both languages were designed by the same person.

Yes, his name is Anders Hejlsberg

He also created Turbo Pascal and Delphi 😮

He was invited to JavaScript Air Podcast in 2016 along with the creator of FlowType Jeff Morrison.

It’s an old video which I watched when it was released. I request all to watch this too.

And some fun things are – TypeScript has really a lot of similarities to C#

If you already know TypeScript, I would say please check out C# for few hours or vice versa!

TypeScript is getting a lot of Popularity and I think knowing a bit of them could be a benefit.
Happy learning 🤓


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