AngularJS – Installing in Windows 8.1 (MEAN Stack) is becoming a Popular Modern Framework for MEAN Stack(Mongo , Express , Angular , Node). I have recently tried it out and had real fun with it , such an awesome Boilerplate for MEAN Stack.


Most of the Developers around the world work on MAC/LINUX when they are with MEAN. But I thought why not to write a Full Process for Windows Users . Cool , lets do the whole thing to get running an app in Win8.1.

First , We need to install the Core Node And Mongo.

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AngularJS One Time Binding Concept

Angular 1.3 added a new feature called One Time Binding . This is definitely an awesome enhancement for performance of an angular app.

We know , If a data changes in angular app, The $digest cycle checks for changes through watchers and gets the new value and renders the view. But if the app gets bigger with so many data , so many bindings , the $$watchers count increases with $digest loop size. Though in a large collection only few data got changed but the whole data gets rendered which is not good for performance.

One-time expressions will stop recalculating once they are stable, which happens after the first digest if the expression result is a non-undefined value

The main purpose of one-time binding expression is to provide a way to create a binding that gets deregistered and frees up resources once the binding is stabilized. Reducing the number of expressions being watched makes the digest loop faster and allows more information to be displayed at the same time.

Lets see how we can do this in angular app.

        <h1>Angular OneTimeBinding</h1>
        <br />
            <tr ng-repeat="profile in profiles">
        <br />

        <button ng-click="addProfiles()">addProfiles</button>
        <button ng-click="getWatchers()">getWatchers</button>

            <h3>OneTimeBinding Watchers Count :::  {{totalWatchers}}</h3>


Here I added {{::}} this syntax for One Time Binding.

Lets see our Controller’s code-

app.controller('profileCtrl' , ['$scope' , function($scope){
    console.log('profileCtrl is running...');

    $scope.profiles = [
                    { Id: 1, Name: 'Masoom', Address: 'Dhaka1' },
                    { Id : 2 , Name : 'Talukdar' , Address : 'Dhaka2' },
                    { Id: 3, Name: 'Shahjada', Address: 'Dhaka3' }

    $scope.addProfiles = function () {
        var id = $scope.profiles.length + 1;
        $scope.profiles.push({ Id: id, Name: 'AAAA' + id, Address: 'Dhaka' + id });

    $scope.getWatchers = function () {
        var watchers = ($scope.$$watchers) ? $scope.$$watchers.length : 0;
        var child = $scope.$$childHead;
        while (child) {
            watchers += (child.$$watchers) ? child.$$watchers.length : 0;
            child = child.$$nextSibling;
        $scope.totalWatchers = watchers;


Here If we add a new profile by clicking the addProfile Button , it will add a Row , but the Watcher Count will not increase as its One Time Binding But if we remove the OneTimeBinding Syntax , I will increase the count which hampers the performance.

And, if we do not use One Time Binding in Property Level , but in Collection level like below , then If we click and click addProfile button , it will add new item in the collection inside $scope , but the UI will not render the new Items coz we have used OneTimeBinding in the Collection/List Level.

            <tr ng-repeat="profile in ::profiles">

Hope , It helps you.



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I am planning to be more dedicated on writing new Articles in 2015. And I really need to thank to all the people of the world who visited my site in 2014.

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UnderscoreJS – sortBy() Trick ::: It is not documented at their Site ! This is very important Shit !!!

In any programming language , Sorting is an extreme important part. In JavaScript , we need to do a lot.

Generally , we do Sorting for items like this a lot , like array containing multiple items(Numbers/Strings/Sometimes Objects etc).


1 var myNumberArray = [5,9,8,3,7,9];

UnderscoreJS is an awesome library which provide us so many small and important features to use.

Among those , Sorting is one . And by Underscore Sorting , we can Sort List of Objects to more than one degree. Means -Let We have a List of JSON Objects and that Object has multiple Properties(domain, url etc…) and we need to Sort the List as like –

First Sort the List based on domain and then url,it should be two degree.

Not like First sort the List based on domain and sort that result based on url,in this way we will get the wrong result.

Lets see the example below.

 1 var domainWithUrls =  [
 2             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 3             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 4             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 5             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 6             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 7             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 8             {domain:'' , url : ''},
 9             {domain:'' , url : ''},
10             {domain:'' , url : ''}
11         ];
13         var sortedItems = _.sortBy(domainWithUrls, function (obj) {
15             return [obj.domain, obj.url];
16         });
18         console.log(sortedItems);

And plz see the result in the image.

UnderscoreJS - sortBY() Trick

UnderscoreJS – sortBy() Trick

Unfortunately ,Though This multiple degree Sorting feature is available in UnderscoreJS , But this is not documented !!! Sad !!!

Its awesome and can save a good amount of development time . I needed this and dug into that , and discovered this awesome feature.Thought to share with you all.Hope , it helps.

Thanks.Cheers !!!