How to Publish your awesome package to NPM 👏

For JavaScript developers, is a treasure!

You can find more than 1 Million packages there. ( Yeah, I agree all of them are not useful 😉 )

We can install/download Packages like react, express, lodash etc into our projects very easily from the npmjs package repository with just one command.
Such as –

npm i react

Many a time, we want to reuse our code to different artifacts. And it’s a very good practice in Software Engineering.

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Cypress, NodeJS, testing

Cypress e2e testing : My talk at Node.JS Meetup Berlin in Germany 💥

As a speaker, I attended Node.JS Meetup Berlin event in Germany.

This is the largest NodeJS community group in Germany. It was awesome to be there as a Speaker.

Being a Polyglot Engineer, I really like the JavaScript ecosystem including NodeJS and it’s surroundings.

JavaScript ecosystem changes rapidly and it’s really fun and hard at the same time to learn/know most of the things.

To do the end-to-end test for Modern Web 2.0 applications is really hard. And Cypress really has changed everything how we think for e2e testing.

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HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS

Serve static HTML files locally

Sometimes we need to serve static HTML files in localhost. And we really don’t want to add any server for a simple HTML file.

Serve static HTML files locally

Generally, we can right click on the HTML file and can say “open in browser” and it will open the file in your local browser(Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) but it’s actually not exactly what we always want. rather we want something like a simple web server to serve the files from a directory.

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