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Style React component with styled-components : Part-2

In My Previous post Style React component with styled-components : Part-1 , I wrote how we can start using styled-components and we created one Spinner component with it.

Now we can see, how we can pass props to the styled component named StyledSpinner and change the color/behavior of it.

For this example, I will change the border color by passing prop. So, the styled component will show the color what we pass to it. Continue reading

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Style React component with styled-components : Part-1

Styling your React component is an important part for any real world application.
We can style react components in a couple of ways. such as –
1. inline styling
2. CSS modules
3. emotion
4. styled-components

We will talk about styled-components in this article.

We are gonna create one simple animated loading spinner component.
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Single Page Application (SPA) with React

Let’s talk about ReactJS today and how we can easily create a Single Page Application (SPA) with React. For routing , I will use a library called react-router . For this post, I will use v3.x . I will write another article based on v4.x.

ReactJS is really popular now a days , and developers are using ReactJS and react-router for creating SPAs .

react spa

I will use 4 Routes for my sample SPA with React. For this , I created 4 Components which represent 4 different routes.
Then we can import 4 Components on index.js file like below-

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Play with React for beginners with react-basic-starter

I have been working with React for long time now . But as I was not regular in writing , that’s why I have never written a single post on React.

This would be officially my first ReactJS post , and I know I am late.


Its 2017 . There are lot of articles published on Web . Facebook has created a tool for React developers called create-react-app which is awesome for starting any new react based project. But What I feel , if anyone is a fresher in React , then its a bit more than the skill level.Also I feel React Developers should learn a bit of Webpack , thats why I added a simple Webpack Config for building react code.

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