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দেশে অনেক overrated এবং underrated লোকজন আছে IT তে

এই ছবির মানুষ টা আমি না !
এই মানুষ টার ডাক নাম শিপলু । কাছের মানুষ রা তাঁকে শিপলু নামেই ডাকে । আমি কতোটা কাছের জানিনা, তবে আমি শাফকাত ভাই/শিপলু ভাই দুই ভাবেই ডাকি । এই ব্লগ এ আমি শিপলু ভাই ই ব্যাবহার করবো ।

বর্তমানে উনি Orion Informatics Ltd এর CTO এবং NuArca এর Lead Software Architect । Orion Informatics Ltd এর পুরাতন নাম অনির্বাণ(Onirban) ।( যারা দেশের IT/Software Industry সম্পরকে গত ২০-২৫ বছর এর ধারণা রাখে , তারা অনেকে জানে অনির্বাণ দেশের প্রথম কয়েকটা আউটসোর্সিং সফটওয়ার কোম্পানির একটা। )
এর আগে তিনি PageFlakes নামে একটা কোম্পানি তে কাজ করেছেন । যারা PageFlakes কী জানে না, তারা দেশের IT industry এবং Startup এর একটা টারনিং পয়েন্ট সম্পর্কে জানেনা ।

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JavaScript, React

ES2017 async/await with fetch in Redux (No Callback Hell anymore)

When we need to use third party API or any REST API in our web app, we need to wait for the response coming from the server.
Then in the success callback , we use that data and do other operations.And if we have more REST calls, we all know that it could end up being a Callback Hell

But if we use ES2017 async/await syntax , we can write our code as clean as possible with minimum lines of code.

Basic example of async/await is like below-

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Single Page Application (SPA) with React

Let’s talk about ReactJS today and how we can easily create a Single Page Application (SPA) with React. For routing , I will use a library called react-router . For this post, I will use v3.x . I will write another article based on v4.x.

ReactJS is really popular now a days , and developers are using ReactJS and react-router for creating SPAs .

react spa

I will use 4 Routes for my sample SPA with React. For this , I created 4 Components which represent 4 different routes.
Then we can import 4 Components on index.js file like below-

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JavaScript, React

Play with React for beginners with react-basic-starter

I have been working with React for long time now . But as I was not regular in writing , that’s why I have never written a single post on React.

This would be officially my first ReactJS post , and I know I am late.


Its 2017 . There are lot of articles published on Web . Facebook has created a tool for React developers called create-react-app which is awesome for starting any new react based project. But What I feel , if anyone is a fresher in React , then its a bit more than the skill level.Also I feel React Developers should learn a bit of Webpack , thats why I added a simple Webpack Config for building react code.

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.Net Core, ASP.Net

.Net Core – New Taste from Old School

After working few years with .Net , I started working with NodeJS Stack as Full Stack JavaScript is really awesome and isomorphic era attracted me a lot . I have worked with AngularJS , ReactJS , Electron and a lot of popular JavaScript Frameworks / libraries at frontend and backend.

After Mr. Satya started working as CEO , he has been doing a lot of changes. Making .Net open source was really a big move for MS.

Microsoft introduced .Net Core . And the concept of this seems similar(Conceptually) to NodeJS .

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