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Launching – Tech Podcast 🎤 🎧 📹 for the World! Made with ❤️ in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 (with promo video)

Hello world and Hello Everyone 👋

Wow, I am super excited to announce this 😱

Winter is coming with Darkness and sadness 😰

And in this Winter, I am planning to start a Podcast 🎤 to make the Winter a bit better ❤️

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React, ReactJS

Flow: $FlowFixMe command should be $FlowFixYourself. FlowType is dying! 🧐🤔😱

First, let’s talk about what is Flow or FlowType…

From their official site –


From ReactJS’s site-

Flow is a static type checker for your JavaScript code. It is developed at Facebook and is often used with React. It lets you annotate the variables, functions, and React components with a special type syntax, and catch mistakes early.

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C# and TypeScript
C#, TypeScript

TypeScript and C# both were created by the same person named Anders Hejlsberg 👏 💪 🔥(with video)

I went to one TypeScript meetup recently and talked to a few developers there.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that both languages were designed by the same person.

Yes, his name is Anders Hejlsberg

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Part-2: Make your dev environment awesome with OhMyZSH + VSCode 🔥⚡️🔥 plugins, fonts, Icons and others

VSCode is awesome and we know it. Performance is the key here. But overall easy-to-use design, plugins and marketplace make this even more powerful.

But before putting some cool VSCode plugins, today I am gonna write about OhMyZSH first. On my last Post, I wanted to write about it but I was so sleepy and could not finish 😴 . I wrote at the end that I would continue ZSH in my next post. So here I am 😍

Now let’s talk about my Terminal, yes OhMyZSH. ⚡️

I use OhMyZSH on top of iTerm2. Here is the Link for iTerm2.
After installing iTerm2, please run this command on iTerm2 Terminal-

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