Part-2: Make your dev environment awesome with OhMyZSH + VSCode 🔥⚡️🔥 plugins, fonts, Icons and others

VSCode is awesome and we know it. Performance is the key here. But overall easy-to-use design, plugins and marketplace make this even more powerful.

But before putting some cool VSCode plugins, today I am gonna write about OhMyZSH first. On my last Post, I wanted to write about it but I was so sleepy and could not finish 😴 . I wrote at the end that I would continue ZSH in my next post. So here I am 😍

Now let’s talk about my Terminal, yes OhMyZSH. ⚡️

I use OhMyZSH on top of iTerm2. Here is the Link for iTerm2.
After installing iTerm2, please run this command on iTerm2 Terminal-

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C#, Cross Domain, HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS

Visual Studio Code – A Cross Platform Code Editor built with Chromium

Microsoft has launched VSCode few weeks back for Cross Platform (Linux/Mac,Windows) and 55% download was Non-Windows. Shocking , right ?

HackerNews had a post on this and had really lot of comments/traffic on it.

Lets see the first look of Code.

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